Patterns reference

In Eric Evans' book a number of patterns on Domain-Driven Design are presented. Many of these patterns are implemented in the sample application. Use this patterns reference to find out which patterns are implemented where!

A patterns summary can be downloaded at

Tactical Design Patterns

Building Blocks of a Model-Driven Design

Aggregate [discussion] [code example]

Domain Event [discussion] [code example]

Entity [discussion] [code example]

Value Object [discussion] [code example]

Repository [discussion] [code example]

Service [discussion] [code example]

Specification [code example]

Layered Architecture [discussion]

Service Layer [discussion]

Supple Design

Intention-Revealing Interfaces [discussion] [code example]

Side-Effect-Free Functions [discussion] [code example]

Strategic Design Patterns

Maintaining Model Integrity

Anti-corruption Layer [discussion] [code example]